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All The Tow Truck Insurance Coverage Options


If you are planning to start a towing company, you have probably done the research pretty extensively. By any chance, if you want to know about the insurance requirements, this article can be suitable for you.

Tow truck insurance can prove to be really helpful if you have the necessary coverage. It’s about assessing all the risks that your business is exposed to and covering the same by paying the annual premium. After all, your business should not work under the stress of an accident.

So, we hear mention of all the insurance coverage options for your tow trucks. You need to correctly analyze tow truck insurance requirements to choose between them.

Types of Coverage for Tow Trucks

  • Medical Payments

As the name suggests, the driver and the passengers will be given financial support to go where all the medical expenses. If the tow truck meets with an accident, everyone sitting in the vehicle will be given that assistance.

  • Physical Damage Cover

It’s the financial support for any expenses to repair the physical damage to your truck. A representative from the insurance company analyzes the exact loss and then compensates for it.

  • Garage Service

This type of coverage in your insurance policy gives you roadside assistance and in-house service for the trucks involved in the accident. It is a garage service insurance coverage that comes into play right from the second when the accident occurs.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage applies to all the new vehicles. There are situations other than a collision that can damage the truck. This coverage covers all those losses.

  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

If your tow truck gets involved in a collision with a motorist who does not have adequate Insurance, the company compensates for his losses as well. The coverage is for all the major hit-and-run cases.

  • Liability Coverage

As the name suggests, liability coverage is essential for truck drivers. No company can operate legally without this Insurance as the driver involved in the accident should be compensated for any property damage or bodily injury. These expenses are enormous, and you need the necessary Insurance to transfer the burden.

  • On-hook Coverage

On-hook coverage covers the vehicle that you are towing. Most tow-truck Insurance options only watch for your truck and the third party involved in the collision. But if you include this coverage in your policy, the vehicle that is on the hook of your tow truck is also covered for physical damages during the collision.

Note down all these coverage options and add them according to the risks involved in your regular operations.


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