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Christmas time, a favourite time for all of the family.  This season to be jolly is the only time of year when you get to swap presents with your nearest and dearest, from lace!  This year, in case you have a special lady in mind, why don’t you spend a little time looking for her perfect item of jewellery?  Showing you’ve taken your time picking out a bit of refined jewellery will surely say ‘I love you’ this Christmas.

Basic rule number one: when searching for jewellery for your lady is to scout out her preferences.  For instance, not every woman likes to wear necklaces or rings, but most with pierced ears are always glad to receive a wonderful pair of earrings.  You may ask around the family or friends to get a hint or have a hunt through her jewellery collection to gain a peek at the sort of bits she enjoys.  Think of the colours she wears, as you want it to fit with her outfits.

Second, ask yourself is it better to get her special evening jewellery or a bit that may be worn on a daily basis.  If she wears jewellery daily, rather than on just special occasions, it might be best to receive her a piece of jewellery that is more informal.  On the other hand, is she does not have much in the method of evening jewellery, it could be best to opt for that something a little more special.

Consider the material you think she would like the jewellery to be made of.  Jewellery can be made from wood, plastics, glass, gemstones or precious metals, all which match a different function and personal style.  Wooden beads for example are perfect for your lady, if she likes that type of thing.  In the opposite end of the spectrum, you have precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum, which most ladies like.  A precious metal is more likely to be utilized for a particular occasions and will last far longer, and is believed by most women a really special present.

Then you will have to think about patterns and designs that will fit her jewellery style.  There is hundreds of patterns and styles out there, out of classy art deco into the Victorian style.  If you are unsure about the specific style she favours, opt for a bit that is a little simpler, possibly with a focal point like a gemstone.

Lastly, think about the size of jewellery you will need.  If a ring, then you will need her finger size.  Not to give the surprise away, take one of her rings to the jewellers to demonstrate exactly the size you desire.  If choosing a necklace, then you’ll want to think about the drop.  Do you want to sit low down or higher up on her neck?  Where you want it to sit will affect the size you select while searching for the best Christmas gifts for her.

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