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How Intranet Aids Corporate Culture For Your Business Growth

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The introduction of intranet has a decisive influence on the corporate culture and its working criteria. An intranet can make sense even in small and medium-sized companies, because often the hectic day-to-day business leaves no time for regular meetings or conversations.

Internal communication platforms help to revive an independent and fruitful communication culture. Employees who are actively involved in company processes now feel taken seriously. In the following post, we will demonstrate to you why it can often be worthwhile to go with new ways of communication.

Best Possible Approach For Internal Communication

For larger companies, which are divided into numerous departments and branches, it is not easy for management to keep an overview of their staff. They cannot deal with every single employee. Communication with the department heads or the HR department is also not as smooth as it should be. Due to this, management sometimes finds it difficult to understand the company as a whole. As a result, employees suffer from the feeling that they are unknown and are not taken seriously.

Without effective internal communication platforms, employees get deprived of important insights. Although they get company news from internal newsletters, that only occurs on irregular intervals. Even if they have some suggestions for improving the internal processes, they are not quite sure to whom they could contact.

Who knows – organizations can actually benefit from such ideas . Every employee in a company is a potential source of information and expertise. To use this, an intranet as a central communication platform is not only helpful, but the best possible approach.

How to Design an Intranet Platform?

  • It depends on the structure of the company. For this reason, management should carefully consider the main purpose of the intranet.
  • Is there a need to focus heavily on the communication aspect in order to allow the team to work more closely?
  • Should there be a strong emphasis on internal information management in order to keep employees up to date?
  • Are they heavily involved in the communication process or are they only moderately involved in the design of the content?

In general, a project team should be put together for the intranet project that deals intensively with this topic, acts across departments and maintains editorial control. The details of a concept should also be considered here.

Consistent navigation and clear branding are important for setting up social intranet software. It must be defined from the outset which topics, departments or project areas are permanently up for discussion, and inform the employees accordingly. Whether the division of the areas is based on the individual departments (accounting section, production section, marketing section) or deals with different topics (company news, project management, company events, document creation) depends heavily on the company philosophy.

In any case, give attention to the integration of collaboration tools , such as news functions, and discussion forums for direct exchange. Search functions make work easier. In many companies it makes sense to have a multilingual intranet presence that presents the same content but in different languages. Make sure that the intranet must be always up-to-date.

Now – Let them Communicate

Let the employees communicate. Anyone who takes the floor shows commitment and interest and feels that their opinion is taken seriously. You have various options for effective communication management. Before you let your employees have their say, you should first give them their intranet profile. When management posts, chats, and blogs, it shows willingness to inform the company and appears more tangible.

A management blog is recommended, for example , which informs internally and in person about news and changes. Here too, care must be taken to use clean wording and a well-thought-out choice of words. Anyone who blogs “just like that” can quickly spread misleading information and this leads to irritation. A fixed time per week is advisable for the maintenance of a blog.

Briefing to Conclude

In addition to the classic communication options within an intranet, regular surveys on the part of management help to find employee satisfaction and make improvements. Personalized offers, such as a homepage or intranet interface adapted to the user, improve the overall experience.


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