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How To Plan a Funeral Program


Funerals are difficult times when the family is under pressure. They can also cost fortunes at a time when the family may have lost their breadwinner. To ease costs or add a personal touch to a loved one’s funeral program, consider designing it yourself. Here is a detailed guide for your help.

Design Your Program

A funeral program informs the bereaved about the events of the funeral. Numerous funeral programs can be found on the Internet. Your church or funeral parlor will also have several examples from which you can search for ideas. Download a pattern from the Internet or design a unique pattern in a word processing program.

Manage The Contents

The inside of the first page of the program should list the relevant events, times and locations. Summarize the procedures and the times at which they will occur. Make sure to consider every event like prayer time, receiving of funeral keepsakes gifts, and other stuff.

If there will be a cemetery ceremony, memorial service or wake, or refreshment in a location other than the main one, list the addresses so that the bereaved can be directed from one place to another in a timely manner. Consider including a map on the back cover to help people guide themselves to different places. If hymns, songs or chants will be performed at the ceremony, print the lyrics on the show so that all attendees can participate. If you wish, you can include poems, phrases, quotes from the scriptures or dedications inside the program. You can include an obituary and photos so that the relatives can save.

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Include These in Design

The program cover may have a graphic or photo and the name of the deceased. Often the first page (inside left) has an obituary and a photo of your loved one. The inside right page contains the list of funeral procedures arranged by time and location. The rest of the program contains songs, poems, dedications, and other moving memories you want to include. If the family wants the flowers to be sent to a different location than the cemetery (the flowers are often donated to hospitals and nursing homes), this information should be written on the last page.

Finally – Make It Print

Ask someone to help you review the document to make sure there are no errors or omissions. Make sure you have enough ink in your printer for the number of programs you need. Print the covers first, then the inside pages. You can assemble the program and secure it with two staples in the center. As an alternative, you can print your program on a single page and fold it in half or three equal parts. To give the programs a more professional look, you can design and email them to a print shop, to print on card stock or glitter.


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