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More than 500 guests to celebrity appearances, digital weddings get grand yet cheap


In history, there will be a pre and a post COVID 19 era. Everything has changed drastically in the crucial period of serial lockdowns all over the world. And if you thought that weddings took a backseat in these challenging times, you are wrong. Creative minds chalked out a whole new draft of managing an exciting digital wedding which involves zero travels, less money and more people – at a digital distance. Sounds crazy? Well, it is exciting to attend a digital wedding with the creative minds working around them to make it the best moment for the couple.

A virtual venue

Even though Indian weddings are all about intimate gatherings and meeting all the family members personally, a virtual meet-up is exciting too. Choose a platform – from Zoom to Gmeet, a variety of options are available. Send the meet link to all your guests through the e-invite – your wedding card!

E-invites Evites are not only eco-friendly but are also long-lasting. They will stay forever on your hard disk or social media accounts. You can send evites to as many relatives and friends as you want in absolutely no time. The digital creativity also gives you a leverage to make your wedding shoot your e-wedding card. There are innumerable possibilities of making innovations in your card and staying unique.

Celebrity performances

And this bit gets a little easier to afford with digital weddings because celebrities only have to appear online for a designated time. Whether they are performing or just making an exclusive appearance to chit-chat, the digital world has opened several avenues to get this sparkling opportunity for newly weds.

The virtual ‘sangeet’

Digital weddings can go on for an elaborate 3 to 4 days itinerary. A virtual sangeet night can be fun too. Ask your cousins and friends to create a dance thread – like a #PassTheMakeupBrushChallenge and it will be fun to see them collaborate to celebrate your union. A theme can be set up and everyone can come dressed up accordingly. It becomes easier to look fresh and have no delays since everyone is attending from home.

Digital moments

If you do not plan to hire an agency, ask that cousin or friend who is great at capturing moments to capture and instantly relay the best pictures. He can later make an album and share with everyone. No one will have to wait for the pictures. And did you realise, if everyone starts posting those pictures immediately, your wedding hashtag might just trend!

Live streaming link for more people to join in

For physical weddings, one always has to limit the number of guests to be invited because the venue and food charges are exorbitant. But thanks to live streamings, more people can join in at almost zero cost. A recent wedding that happened in the lockdown was relayed live and about 1600 people could watch it. Imagine the grandeur you can create!

A lavish 3 to 4 day event

Once you go digital, you can plan an elaborate mix of 3 to 4 days for your wedding. Since too much digital time might exhaust people, engage them for only an hour or two everyday for the event. Though your wedding day can take a little longer.

A foodie’s paradise

Share a small menu with your guests and ask them to prepare that at their homes so that everyone can relish the same dish at one time. A few can also prepare other delicacies to make the couple feel important.

Source: Times of India

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