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Everything You Need To Know About Funeral Cards


Well, there is no doubt about the fact that memorial prayer cards have become a trend. It is no more a preference but a standard. Families have now started to know the essentiality of planning a meaningful service that can educate about the real story about a life lived. This means that the funerals are now turning into a distant memory. Honestly, if curling up with the customized services is not one of your major goals, then it surely should be. Much thanks to the internet which is full of a huge guide of different personalized funeral card ideas.

What are Memorial Prayer Cards?

The memorial prayer cards are the tiny, sturdy, laminated cards that are just like the playing cards. These are also known as the tribute cards because these are offered as a tribute to the deceased. However, the use of mass cards for funerals is not only limited to the funerals. You can easily find them distributed at the wakes, visitations, memorial services, and celebrations of life. Memorial cards are the ones that are known by the variety of names. They are also known as memorial cards, funeral cards or prayer cards. Whatever they are called, the cards are also popular for their meaningful keepsake for the ones who attend the services of the deceased.

Where Can You Use The Memorial Cards?

After the funeral, it’s quite common for the people to place these cards in the bible or the prayer book as a reminder of their loved ones. Memorial cards are devotional and religious and will typically feature the picture of the deceased along with an inspirational image on the front side. It’s just like a memory of the deceased in your hands. The reverse side of the prayer card will feature a scripture, or a poem or a brief biography of the deceased to help you memorize or the loved ones about the things that the deceased was related to. While most of the memorial cards are spiritual, it’s becoming quite common for the people to use them. You can also see these memorial cards in the secular designs and themes as per the convenience of the customers. In real life, you can also design them in any fashion you wish to. The best thing is the tradition of providing these memorial cards to the funerals to the loved ones. The memorial cards and its tradition arose from the Catholic tradition of prayer and funeral cards. These cards are the ones that have honored various biblical episodes, saints and loved ones. Initially, these cards were provided at the funerals but didn’t feature any information regarding a specific person. When the printing became more customized, accessible and affordable, these cards begin to be used as the memorial tribute. There were plain prayer and memorial cards that were unrelated to the memorial and funerals and were still used. It’s up to you how you want to use these funeral cards.

Where You Can Buy The Mass Cards For Funerals?

You can find them easily in the churches or the gift shops. However, now these vintage memorial cards have become quite popular. There are many people who appreciate them because of the imagery, while others look for the symbolism and genealogical research with these mass cards for funerals. There are various online stores where you can find these memorial cards or in antique shops like trading fairs and exhibitions. There are many places where you can order the memorial cards that you can make on your own. There are online stores and the online vendors from you can buy a variety of templates in a customized form. Most of them also provide immediate shipping so that you receive them as soon as possible.

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