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The Complete Practictioner’s Guide to Crystal Healing

Are you a crystal healing junkie, who loves crystal healing, believes in it with your whole heart, and owns a plethora of crystals? With pandemic stretching forth its powers throughout the world, the need for crystal healing and positive forces to come into play is necessary now, more than ever! Now is the right time to channelize all the positive vibes you feel and spread the knowledge of it to heal those around you from stressors they face due to this pandemic state of fear. So, if you are amongst those who are looking for a course – crystal healing – the complete practitioner’s guide during these trying times, look no further! Head on down to quality free courses offered to improve your crystal healing skills overnight.
Here’s what the course offers to teach:
The Healing Properties of 10 Crystals (Super) – As you may know, super seven crystals are those quartz crystals that contain mineral variations of 7 different minerals, and they produce therapeutic frequencies, they are known as super crystals. The course promises to teach from experience channelizing in the healing properties of the top ten super healing crystals.
Basics of 9 Chakras used to perform Crystal Healing – Knowing the names of the crystals, their function, their corresponding colours and locations is one of the key features of any crystal healing enthusiasts and newbie.This will increase one’s basic knowledge about the common crystals used in crystal healing. Building on this knowledge can diversify your understanding of the crystals.
Placement of Chakra Crystals – Another huge factor that affects the effectiveness and performance of crystal healing sessions, is based on the placement of crystals according to the chakras. Understanding the basic knowledge and know-how of crystal chakras can help any beginner enthusiast to effectively use the right crystal for a given emotion and mood.
Tip & Tricks to Body Placement of Crystals – Although this point seems similar to the previous one, it is not! In fact,each body is made differently from the other. The emotions, insecurities, fears and conditions experienced by people are all different. Not one person can channelize the power of the crystals the same way. There are a few secret tips and tricks to master placement of the crystals on each body type. With this free 30-day course, beginners will benefit in substantial ways to cover the basics such as these points mentioned above.
Free Resources – This 30-day world-class online learning course, comes with 10-minute video tutorials, four interactive online lessons, accompanied by practical activities, 17 pages of downloads & diagram resources etc. With this overload of storable and visitable resources, students can always relearn the basics when needed and brush up the basic skills when it comes to crystal healing. At the end of the course, there is a crystal quiz to test the overall knowledge of the materials studied and the topics covered.
Who would have thought that a free 30-day course could hold a jammed pack of knowledge worth so much insight into crystal healing, how to channelize it, understand and recognize the crystals, their names and functions? Don’t miss out on such a golden opportunity today! Avail them right away!



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