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Things You Need To Know About Transport Insurance


Just like your house, your vehicle is one of the most expensive commodities you invest in. However, when it comes to moving a car from one place to another, vehicle owners are not aware of the fact whether their policy provides the protection they need or not. It is important to check the policy prior to signing the contract. Your vehicle might get damaged while loading, moving or unloading. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of things you need to know about transport insurance.

Ask For Proof of Insurance

A transport company must carry its valid insurance certificate. And, it also has to present this certificate when you ask. Before you hire that company, ask any question you have about their transportation policies. In case any damage occurs during the shipping process, find out if it is covered or not. Also, ask if it covers certain parts only or the entire car.

Get it in Writing

Get a written agreement. Don’t trust verbal commitments. A deal exists only when its contract exists. A written agreement provides you protection in case anything unforeseen happens. Don’t take any service that is not there in the contract. This also makes sure that you get what you pay for.

Check With Your Insurance Company

Check if your own auto policy covers your vehicle during transportation or not. Don’t assume anything. You must read your policy or get information from your insurance company. Your insurance company may require some form of notification from the shipping company.

Remove Loose Items From the Vehicle

Most shipping companies do not cover any damage to the interior of the car. Before you hand over the keys, remove all the loose items to minimize the damage. Make sure that there are no removable electronics, CDs or cassettes, extra change, etc in the vehicle.

Pre-possession Inspection

Before the shipping company takes possession of your car, perform a thorough inspection and take notes of existing damages if there are any. You can also take photographs of the vehicle before they ship it.

The Bill of Lading

Depending on your location, you might be asked to fill out the bill of lading once your vehicle is delivered. Check the vehicle thoroughly before filling out the bill of lading.

Make sure that you know where to file a complaint if something goes wrong. Your car is an expensive investment. It might get damaged during the shipping process. Don’t forget to check the transport insurance.


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