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Top 5 Apps To Discover Events & Places Around You

Find out the top 5 apps which helps you in discovering the latest events near you.

So the weekend is around the corner, and you have no idea about how you are going to spend it. Probably sitting alone at home and watching a movie or series that you don’t even like. Right?

Well, don’t worry!! Many people across the globe got no idea about how they are going to make their weekend happening. But hey!! You don’t have to fall into that category anymore. And that’s because events are happening everywhere, all the time.

All you need to do is use the internet connection and search ‘events near me’ on your mobile. To make things easier for you, many mobile apps help in finding the events happening around. Got no idea about the apps that can help you do that? Guess what? That’s what this article is all about.

Here, you will go on the run down to the list of best mobile apps that will help you find upcoming events and places around. And there’s no chance of spending a boring weekend anymore. So without any delay, let’s have a look at the same.

1. Eventsfy

Eventsfy is one of the best apps to find what’s happening around in your local area. Be it any event like music fests, art & craft activity, or a bar crawl, Eventsfy gets you everything at your fingertips.

So, browse events and attend the one that interests you, and make the most of your weekend.

2. EventsNearMe

EventsNearMe is a great choice to explore events in your local area, based on your location. You get to see all the events happening around and then browse the feed. The app provides you an option to explore all events, including charity, comedy, music fest, etc.

The best thing about EventsNearMe is that it comes with a map and calendar view feature to help you browse events by location and date.

3. Hangtime

Hangtime is an app that allows you to sign in into your Facebook account and explore the activities in which your friends seem interested. Besides showing the events that your friends are interested in, it also helps you in exploring local events happening around by using sources including Facebook, Livenation, etc.

You can also search for events based on your interest and date.

4. 10Times

10times is a reliable app that helps you explore exciting activities, including expos, fairs, farmer’s markets, etc. Although the app is not as fancy as others, it never fails to provide you the details you need.

All you need to do is set up a free account, select your interests, and then explore the events happening around. You also get an option to set reminders, invite your friends, and mark an event that you plan to attend.

5. MapMyInterest

If you have recently shifted to a new city or are visiting one for work or leisure purposes and have no idea about the places around, then don’t worry. That’s because MapMyNearest has got you covered. Using this fantastic app, you can quickly locate the nearest places based on your current location.

Just grant your device location access to the app, and you are all set to discover the nearest places.

Get Ready to Go Out 

Now that you know the best apps that can help you find happening things, events, and places around, there’s no point in spending a dumb weekend. So, make the most of these apps and find yourself an event or place of your interest.



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